Mindfully Mindful


Nancy Arnold

Figure it’s best to start with this one, as it’s been the most popular design and my personal fave! I love all of the different combos that people are choosing, making it their own! I used my own hand writing in this one because it’s a really personal message to me, what I’ve really learned to embrace and I wanted it to feel really personal and funky.



So, quieting the mind. What does this even mean? As humans, living in this Western society, we’re basically conditioned to be “busy”. There’s a million and one things to get done and it never feels like enough time (more on this with the “I OV e” design! But really, aren’t you always hearing how busy your friends, family and aquantences are?) How social media feeds have people come across like they have the best lives, doing something adventurous every day, having a perfectly clean home, looking good all the time (hello fiiiiilters!), it’s tiring trying to keep up! I know for myself, after being conditioned to work work work, I often feel guilty when I’m not working or at least doing something productive! It’s kinda crazy, actually. I’ve stopped referring to being busy as negative, however. Because it’s often given this negative spin that there’s just literally too much to do and the expectation of it all is just…not cool. Rather, I GET to be busy. Being grateful for all the chaos that you have going on in your life, can really change your feelings towards these tasks!

Through this journey to create a healthier mind…. (Sidenote: let me emphasize that this isn’t a fast process, this type of life change. First you must recognize there’s an issue, be 100% honest about it and be prepared to hear some things about yourself that don’t feel that nice but they need to be heard, the choice to make the change, and then the process of seeing what works and what doesn’t. One day you do realize…hey, I’ve made some noticable changes! Rock on!!) …. I’ve made some small changes and some big changes.


A few small changes that you can make, that are actually quite monumental in the long run, is making quiet time for yourself everyday. This can look like a lot of things. Maybe that’s driving home from work, without turning on the radio, without sneaking a peak at your phone, and just being totally mindful and engaged on the here and now. Don’t even think about how your work or day in general went. Shut that shit down. Your mind will wonder no doubt, that’s totally expected and normal, just observe it, and gently bring your focus back to…nothing but the task at hand. Driving home. You’ll realize you notice things that you just bypassed before…. the details on houses, the way light hits the buildings, etc. Another suggestion, before getting out of bed in the morning, and BEFORE checking out social media apps…do a guided morning meditation. There’s tons of them on YouTube, or you can download a mindfulness app so you’re not tempted by bad singing audition videos. These little things might not seem like they do much at the time, but if you make these a concious habit, they do make big changes if done consistently. It’s basically like going to the gym. That’s another one…leave your phones at home or in the locker! Be engaged in your hour alone and just focus on the task! Quieting the mind simply means to eliminate the constant natter going on in there. And just chill for a lil bit, while being fully mindful in what you are doing without distractions.



TURN IT WAAAAAAY UP!!! I’ve always been a big fan of being authentic. Of not really following trends, status quo or worried about what other people thought of my decisions…in the highest and best way. I was always pretty comfortable expressing myself through clothing, art, music, communication, and…yep, words =P I’ve also learned recently that some of these have to be fine-tuned, without sacrificing the genuine feeling and realness behind it all. I just put a lot of energy in some of these places, so the other places lacked a little and vice versa. Finding balance - is this possible?!

Confidence, to me, is the sexiest attribute that anyone can ever have. Knowing what you want, not being afraid to go for it in fear of what others will say, or perhaps the fear of failure, is just, bluntly, a bloody waste of time. Do you realize that we as humans spend WAY too much time worrying about what we think others are thinking of us and what we’re doing, wearing, saying? Like, waaaaay too much time. It gets in the way of opportunties, of adventures, of amazing chances that would and could of brought you so much joy. I’m here to tell you to stop that. I know, I know..heard it a gagillion times. But until you actually do stop it…you won’t know how truly liberating it is to just be your beautiful self!! And honestly, everyone else is worrying about what you’re thinking of them…so it’s actually pretty ironic!

I’ve always worn giant sunglasses, sequins on a Tuesday, wild hats, photographed in a style that is unique to myself and maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, decorated our home with really no rhyme or reason…because it’s who I am, it brings me natural and effortless joy, and anything not following my true “likes” just feels…gross. Are you doing certain things because it’s something you think you “should” be doing, but you’d rather be doing something else? Then do that instead! Be yourself. Your genuine self IS good enough and it’s really time that everyone else gets to experience that!!

Authenticity will ALWAYS shine through, regardless.

This design looks amazing in all the combos…so go ahead and make it perfect for you!

Peace+Love, Nancy