Mindfully Mindful


Nancy Arnold

They only way out is through. I don’t know how many times I’ve told myself this when going through a tough time. That could be pretty much any type of situation you’re in. An anxiety attack, anticipating a conversation with someone that you’ve been avoiding, a divorce, a course you’re not totally loving, and so on.



I’m sure that we can all pin point a time in our life that we didn’t think would happen to us and/or we didn’t think that we could possibly make it through. But, we’re here to talk about it. Look at us go! Depending on the severity of the situation, during it, it sometimes feels like we could crumble to our knees. I get it. I’ve been there. A few times. What kept you going? What are some of the things that you did for yourself or that others helped you with that helped to pull you through and keep you motivated to keep going? For me, what I found that helped me the most was becoming vulnerable with it all. By opening up with what we were going through personally, it brought on a flood of people wanting to help, of well wishes, of people that I don’t even talk to that often checking in, and people simply wanting to help. Also, in times of trouble, you get to see who your true friends are. The ones that don’t shy away from a crisis when they are used to seeing you as the strong one. It’s a real eye opener, fortunately and unfortunately.

When this at first started up for us a few years ago, we kept pretty private about it. It doesn’t have to be with embarrassment or shame, just some things are a little more private then others. Also, I’m not a huge fan of whining, in general, on social media, so I steered far away from that! We have a great support group and that is what you come to rely on. However, when we went through a couple more episodes the following year, this past fall, I opened up a bit more.



I thought that I was vulnerable before, but apparently I wasn’t. After speaking with a handful of professionals, I realized that I was still hiding a little bit. And I didn’t like that and it didn’t really make sense to me. I’ve always been one that doesn’t care much about what the mass crowd is up to in terms of trends, etc., so it actually surprised me a bit when this was brought to light. I’m confident yet humble in my ways, so whats holding me back from just letting it all out?! Once you’re honest and learn something about yourself such as this, and accept it without judgment but just as an observation, it’s SUPER liberating. I’ve mentioned it before but man, we all need to stop worrying so damn much about what everyone thinks of us!! Because first of all, what people think of you DOES NOT DEFINE YOU. That is a reflection of their own reality. So stop that immediately because it literally holds zero weight. We’re all human (I think..) and we’re all going through some tough shit, once in awhile. That’s life. And I’ll tell you what, the more honest you are with yourself and the ones you surround yourself with…the easier navigating these difficult times becomes.



This is going to look different for everyone. But I do hope for you that it is an honest and as positive of a journey that you can make it. What truly got me through the thick of the action, was holding on to the idea that something good would come out of all of this. There MUST be something good out of all of this hardness. Trusting that this is our life journey and we’re going through this as a chance to grow and learn about ourselves and what changes we could make to have a happier life once again. Somewhere along the lines we let stress overpower us. It can do that…hey? Stress is also created by us, so we could also have the power to distroy it and leave it in the dust. It’s all about how we approach it. I always kept in the back of my mind that this was all happening for a reason. That something good will come out of this in the long run. It’s tougher some days then others, but I tell you, that’s probably the biggest thing that helped me. The Silver Lining. There is always one…somewhere in there. And I get it, all situations are different, but when you CHOOSE positive over negative some pretty amazing things can happen.

Wishing you a positive and delightful day =) Much love to you all!