Mindfully Mindful

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does Wears Your Head At mean?

Whhheerreee’s yooouuur head at t t…you’re totally singing that if you know the Basement Jaxx! But really, it’s taking on another form now! Living a mindful life meanings that you are often checking in with yourself. Living in the moment, knowing that dwelling on the past or trying to predict the future is pretty much a good waste of time; creating unnecessary stress, anxiety, depression, and so on. Learn to live in the now by purposefully paying attention to the world that is going on around you!!

Why a clothing line?

I’ve always wanted to create a shirt line, amongst everything else that I keep myself busy with. Nothing ever really stuck or gave me any excitement to put on a shirt. After a difficult and emotional 1.5 years, I started taking some “self help” courses and made the conscious decision to make some changes in my life, so I could be happier and really practice what I believe in. Being a good person. I’m just really passionate about helping others see the beauty and power in themselves…messages on shirts help to spread the word!!

What is the material and process of the designs?

I create each design using digital illustration programs; some of the designs using my own hand writing to give a more personal touch! I use a heat transfer/press method, currently!

Do you create custom apperal?

Absolutely!! Shoot me a message and we can chat about your ideas!

Are there other colour options?

Not currently for the WYHA line..and there’s a reason for it. Mindfulness is pretty black and white. You do or don’t - there’s no middle ground. I wanted to keep this line straight-forward, easy to follow and not overwhelming!

How do I get involved?

Well, I have some good news!! There are plans to create LIMITED EDITION designs that will have you getting involved! Stay tuned for the announcements on here and on Instagram!!