Mindfully Mindful

Shipping Methods

REGULAR LINE - Every one of your orders is handmade just for you, so I kindly ask that you allow for 2-3 weeks for creation/delivery. If things are running behind, I will let you know! All funds are in Canadian dollars.

Within Manitoba, MB
Starting at $15

Within Canada
Starting at $20

United States
Starting at $25

Monthly Winnipeg Hand-Delivery
Every month, around the last day of the month, Nancy will be making deliveries around the city limits of Winnipeg. Order must be made two weeks before delivery day is scheduled for.

$10 flat rate


• TUESDAY, APRIL 30, 2019 (orders to be made by April 16, 2019)

• THURSDAY, MAY 30, 2019 (orders to be made by May 16, 2019)

• WEDNESDAY, JULY 3, 2019 (orders to be made by June 19, 2019)

Returns & Exchanges

Because of the nature of these shirts being hand created, one by one - returns and exchanges are not available. Instead, may I suggest: gifting to a friend, using it as a cabin sweater (I hope you wear these at the cabin anyways!), making a fancy cat bed, donating to a cool thrift shop, or maybe just wearing it as PJs on a chilly night. Please triple check that you have chosen the correct shirt colour and vinyl for the text. If you have any questions, please contact before placing order.

However! If there is a defect in the piece, please send Nancy a message to wearsyourheadat@gmail.com, along with an image and a quick message as to why you are unhappy. I only want you to be happy!